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SEO is no longer just about identifying keywords to match searches, successful SEO is about creating useful and relevant content.

Search Engine Optimisation is a key tactic in any ecommerce marketing strategy; essential to driving digital growth and sales for your Shopify store. It gives you the opportunity to increase your audience by appearing more prominently in the search engine results pages without having to pay for every click. A well-structured Shopify SEO strategy also gives you the chance to present your potential customers with the best product, brand and service, all at the top of their search results.

Rise through the search engine results, build your brand and grow your audience with an SEO strategy for your Shopify store from

SEO Strategies

Unlike copywriting, which encourages action through persuasive words, content marketing is all about building trust and confidence in your ‘brand’ by providing your customers with quality information that meets their needs. Our writing team is not only skilled at researching the material that is needed, but also in ‘packaging’ it into content-rich reports, blogs and referral posts.

SEO Tactics: Increase Traffic and Sales

There are a whole host of effective SEO tactics we deploy to boost results for our clients. From local and international SEO, to platform migration, content marketing and outreach, our in-house team of specialists have a wide range of SEO skills at their disposal. 

If you want to demonstrate your authority in the marketplace, and become "the first choice" provider over your competitors by using content marketing effectively then choose from a range of off-the-shelf packages. These have been developed to increase traffic to your website, grow your brand visibility online and help you reach out to new customers and potential markets.

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